Going to the ER to make a too BIG wedding dress fit again.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “I had no idea that Emergency Room personnel know how to tailor wedding dresses!”


Well they don’t. But if you stay tuned you’ll learn all about when my wedding dress (the day before photos might I add) was two sizes too big, and then the crazy happend.

The big wedding day was soon approaching, and the it was now the day before bridals and the big first look. We had everything planned out; the location (which we drove up a dusty narrow canyon road to reach and nearly got sucked dry by mosquitoes while we were there), the photographer, the videographer, the husband-to-be’s outfit, all my accessories, and more importantly my dress.

Speaking of my dress, it came by the means of many blessings. First found a dress that was only $100, first one I tried on and I took it. A little bit after purchasing the dress had it tailored to fit perfectly. I don’t know about you but I grew up with the idea that your wedding dress was THE dress, YOUR dress, the dress you’ve been waiting to fit into your ENTIRE LIFE! So pretty big unsaid feelings putting this dress on the day before my bridals.

Now back to the day before bridals, I was scheduled to leave for work in the early afternoon. Before I left my mom suggested that I try on my dress. As I put the dress on and prepared to walk out to show my mom I knew something didn’t feel quite right. The look on my mom’s face was enough for me to know that it wasn’t just me who was thinking my dress didn’t fit. However, unlike most brides I didn’t have the problem of my wedding dress being to small, I had the problem of my wedding dress being too BIG. Now who does that happen to?!?

Tears were about ready to flow and the mental breakdown just had a whole box of dynamite blow to push it on it’s way.

On closer examination of the dress and how it was fitting we noticed how the bodice had almost two inches of fabric we could hold out. In addition, the sleeves and the shoulders were loose.

After I left for work my mom called around so some excellent seamstresses in our neighborhood. One said she didn’t know how to do the fix we were looking for but said the other lady could. But as luck would have it, turns out the other seamstress was in Hawaii visiting family. So much for that idea.

All day at work I silently prayed that if there was any way my dress could fit, could it fit please? I had no idea how such a miracle would come to pass other than me binge eating the most fattening food I could for the next 24 hours. But I had faith that things would work out okay, even if it meant that my dress didn’t fit for the pictures.

I had considered leaving work early because I didn’t feel well, but attributed it to just the stress of my dress and what had happened over the past month (a story for a later time).

By the time I arrived at home from work I was exhausted, stressed out, couldn’t think clearly, had a massive migraine, was sick to my stomach, and was cooked from the summer heat like-unto a Thanksgiving turkey. Looking back, the fact that I drove myself home is a miracle, especially with all the traffic and nutty drivers.

After getting home I don’t remember much of the next 8-ish hours; however, they went something like this.

With all my symptoms ending up putting me on the floor of the living room basically delirious my mother’s motherly instinct kicked in and we took a trip to an InstaCare. After arriving they brought us right back into a room and the nurse talked to the doctor and the doctor said to go to the ER. So off we went! After a while in the ER waiting room we got taken back into a door with a trash can to keep the door open. I don’t remember much but I remembered the trash can! Turns out all their other rooms were full so we got put into the windowless mildly creepy psych room. Samples were taken and I got pumped full of fluids via IV.

Have any of you guessed what I had yet? Heat exhaustion! Which isn’t as bad as heat stroke but still pretty nasty. By the time we left the ER it was about 1:30am. On a side note: thank goodness for McDonald’s being open 24 hours a day, because by the time I got out not only was I feeling better I was h-u-n-g-r-y!

That night with a happy tummy I laid down to go to sleep. I still had no idea what I was going to do about my dress. Mom figured we could just take some of those huge clips that hold together almost a whole binder full of papers and pull back my dress.

The next afternoon came and we gathered everything up and headed down to my in-laws home to prep for the photo shoot. My sister-in-law Tasha did my makeup and boy did it look fiiiiiiiiiiiine! (Thank you shout out to her, especially since my skills in makeup are severely lacking)

With hair and makeup done I was almost dreading putting my dress on. After slipping it on and my mom zipping up the back I realized that something was different. I turned around and what I could feel my mom could see. The dress fit perfectly, just as it had when I had taken it home from the tailors.

I think my Mom might have been teary eyed but I was working so hard to to mess up the freshly applied makeup with my tears to notice.

We figure that I was so dehydrated and had been for so long that I had such a low water retention that it caused me to shrink almost two sizes. With the trip to the ER and having that much fluid pumped right back into my system my body stabilized back to it’s normal size. (That or a Big Mac puts way more on me than I thought)

Long story short, due to the previous month of havoc on my body, and recent heat exhaustion (turns out once you have an episode like this you don’t deal well with heat for a long while) I had to quit my wonderful job at the garden center, a job which I vastly enjoyed. But looking back after the events I really think it’s been a good thing for me. I found other means of work which allowed me to give my body the break it needed.

Definitely not what I planned or wanted, but what I needed.



For any of you who don’t believe in miracles, believe me, this was one. In my life, this was an answer to my prayers. Yes, an ER trip was an answer to my prayers. Everything happened for a reason and for my good.

I hope my story has made you feel like:

-whatever you are going through now, it will all be okay in the end

-you aren’t the only one who has problems (like this or not)

-you are more grateful for what you have or haven’t had happen to you

-you need to be making sure that you are drinking enough water

-you can pray to a loving Heavenly Father about what is going on right now in your life, what is important to you, and He will be there listening to you

-you can have prayers answered, all the while remembering that prayers aren’t always answered the way you want, but how you need

This was a short season of my life, and now I’m moving into a new one with greater faith and testimony of prayer.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear from you. I’ll keep posting, so be sure to come back to keep in touch!

All my love,



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