Flashback: Crazy Stair Story

This story is just about as crazy as these eyes of mine! I wrote this tale to a friend years ago, probably around the 2010 ballpark. The picture is also from said era aren’t I… cute?? Hmm…

crazy eyes

Here it goes!

I did the craziest thing. It was part accident and part just plain stupidity. We let my friend borrow some cots for their girls camp leaders and they had brought them back Saturday. And said cots were STILL sitting in our entryway and mom (the great delegater) delegated to me that I needed to take them downstairs and put them away.

To paint you a little picture here, one side its smooth metal where the two ends of the cot meet,  the other is where it folds in half and is an open mix of springs and mattress. So being the intelligent person I am,  I thought it would be easier to put the smooth side down and just coast them over the carpet. Volia! And this way I could move both at the same time! Genius! With both cots now in my grasp, I had both of my arms over the cots holding onto the sides.

And then I came to the stairs (carpet covered) and with one on each arm. It didn’t even register to me that when going down the stairs my feet couldn’t totally touch the stairs with my arms over the two cots.

So in a manner never before seen, I rode the two cots down like skis, screaming, unable to stop and I was sure I was going to seriously injure myself or run into the large picture at the bottom of the stairs.

But I didn’t hit the picture and I came out alive and with no injuries! After a bit I considered doing it again, because it was kinda fun! But maybe this time with a helmet. Just in case.

Hope this crazy story of mine made you smile or laugh!

Lots of love,



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