Tuna Fish Gravy – My Cheap Comfort Food

I remember the first time I told my husband I was going to make tuna fish gravy for dinner. He gave me a strange look, probably much like your face when you first read the “Tuna Fish Gravy” bit of the title.I promise you, I think it is an AWESOME comfort dish. My husband even likes it, well he likes basically everything I make, but that’s besides the point! Plus it’s cheap, which was never a bad thing.

My cheap comfort food

Maybe reasons this dish isn’t more familiar to some is because it isn’t a very pretty dish to photograph, it sounds a little strange until you’ve tried it, and at first appears to be a slap to that good ol’ country gravy. But it isn’t any of those things! Well, maybe except for the pretty to photograph bit…

The version I know is simple, but I have seen others who add things such as peas. This dish is also known as creamed tuna on toast. Now that I think about it I’m probably the odd one out calling it tuna fish gravy.

When I asked my Mom about the origins of this dish for her she accredited learning it from her mother. She said growing up she and her siblings really enjoyed this dish. Sometimes her mom would make a version with boiled eggs and ham instead of tuna. I’ve always preferred the tuna version myself.

Growing up tuna fish gravy was a favorite of mine and was well requested in times of well… needed comfort. Even when I make this today I remember my Mom lovingly making this dish for me at my request.

And now going to share it with you, I hope you can enjoy this dish as much as I have!


Tuna Fish Gravy on Toast

Level: Easy            Price: Inexpensive           Time: Quick


White Gravy (homemade or mix)

Canned Tuna Fish

Toasted Bread

Salt and Pepper to Taste


Completely prepare your favorite homemade or pre-made white gravy mix as instructed to the servings you need.

While gravy is being prepared begin toasting slices of bread in a toaster or in the oven. Toast doesn’t necessarily have to be piping hot when served.


Depending on your serving size add 1-4 cans of drained canned tuna to the gravy mix and stir well.      (I normally have about 2-3 cups of gravy and add 2 cans of tuna)

Allow mixture to cook another minute or two, or until the mixture is thoroughly heated through.

Serve over either whole pieces of toast or over torn up pieces of toast. Enjoy while warm.

Tuna fish gravy


If there are leftovers (there never are at my house!) store the tuna fish gravy in the fridge in a tupperware or another covered container. Leftovers should be eaten within the day or next day for best results.


Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

~ Jess






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