Doughnut You Know, This Wedding Cake is the Best!

I’ve never been much of a cake fan, especially not a huge fan of frosting. When it came around to deciding what kind of cake I wanted to have for my wedding it was like choosing “eh” between “eh”. UNTIL I saw a doughnut cake on Pintrest and I knew my heart was sold. In this post you’ll find out my experience as well as the pros and cons I experienced with having a doughnut cake.

Doughnut You Know

As you can see it isn’t really a cake, just a whole bunch of tasty doughnuts on tiered platters that mimic the traditional wedding cake style.

Overall I had an amazing experience with getting my doughnut cake, from being ordered, set up, and enjoyed on my wedding day. A doughnut cake is something I’d highly recommend.

The shop I ordered from is Beyond Glazed and they specialize in fresh gourmet doughnuts. When I got married they had a couple locations in Utah. I would highly recommend them, their service and doughnuts were both wonderful! You can check out their website here:

(I wasn’t paid or compensated in any way by Beyond Glazed Doughnuts, I just think they are tasty!)

I went in a couple of months before my wedding to make sure that they were available to make and deliver the doughnut cake on my wedding day. Luckily they were available, and we made a down payment.

We came back a few weeks later and decided on the doughnuts we wanted on our cake. I picked a variety so that our guests could pick what they liked. There was a part of me that just wanted to pick ones that matched but I’m glad I picked a variety of flavors.


The way the catering worked out the lady showed up and set up the cake before the luncheon and I had my florist/bridesmaid add the finishing touches with the flowers. By the time we arrived it was all set up which was a huge relief.


The funny part was that everyone kept asking when they could have a doughnut! And we hadn’t even eaten lunch yet! One of my uncles was bound and determined to sneak one off of the tier, but luckily his wife restrained him. However, I’m sure he wasn’t the only one thinking about it.

My grandma actually told me just the other day how cool she thought our doughnut cake was! In her words she said it was “pretty fun, tasty, and different”. She also told me that she’s told quite a few people about our doughnut cake and how big of a hit it was.


We decided to keep the tradition of serving each other a doughnut and it was pretty cute. No doughnut in the face for us, we were to focused on eating those delicious doughnuts! Our guests all loved the doughnuts and it was easy for people to serve themselves and all they needed was a napkin to keep the stickiness away.

Now lets go over those pros and cons I mentioned earlier.


  • Tasted WAY better than cake (in my humble opinion)
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to serve
  • Less dishes
  • Kid friendly
  • Customization and Variety
  • Pretty nice looking
  • Guests love it
  • No leftover wedding cake being forced home with people
  • Usually less money than a traditional cake


  • The tradition of freezing and eating a piece of your cake a year later isn’t going to be as easy or good with a doughnut
  • No leftovers, its all gone!
  • If you have a large group or reception that’s a lot of doughnuts, so be prepared!
  • Doughnuts can go stale quickly if left out for an extended period of time, so you’ll have to eat them while they are fresh

But overall I’d highly recommend having a doughnut cake, especially if you are a fellow doughnut lover! Have fun, be creative, and enjoy your doughnuts on your big day!

Lots of love,





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