The peace that comes as you accept help form others when you have anxiety, depression, health, or other life issues

I’m a very stubborn, I’ll-do-it-myself kind of person. So accepting and let alone ASKING for help is very difficult for me.

Now lets pile on some some depression, anxiety, and plenty of health problems on top of my already stubborn personality, and viola! Things just got so much harder.

After reading that I thought, well it seems like I’d have plenty of reasons TO BE asking for help. And that’s true. But getting to the point of admitting to myself that I needed to ask for help wasn’t easy.

Letting People Help You

You might find yourself in a similar predicament to me, where deep down you know you’re crumbling inside, but are to stubborn, ashamed, scared, or nervous to admit it. (I know I was all of those things)

But here is that glimmer of light, that promise of hope you’ve been looking for: no matter how hard it is to ask for help, the peace you feel afterwards overcomes and helps to begin to mend those crumblings deep down inside of you one bit at a time.

Although asking for help in some cases could be instantaneous relief, such as asking someone to help you carry a table, in many cases the relief is a process. Just like your recovery, or healing is a process for feeling better. It takes time, patience, faith, trust, and a whole lot of humility to let others help you in your healing process.

Photo Credit: Cristian Newman

Now lets get to story-time. About a month ago I ended up in the ER with a ruptured or bleeding ovarian cyst. Afterwards I hurt for weeks and was sore for weeks to come and spent all of my days in bed trying to let my body recover from the whole ordeal.

I was feeling stressed because I couldn’t take care of thing around the house, make meals, or even get out of bed! My husband was going to school, work, and trying to manage everything I couldn’t do and that only added to my stress.

While watching a video on the Mormon Channel a woman telling her story said, “When people say in passing ‘what can I do to help you?’ don’t say no! Say yes! Let them help you!” and it just sunk into my soul.

Finally, I reached out to my next door neighbor who was the Relief Society president and told her that I needed some help. Just a few meals for a few days was all I needed. She was so willing and happy to help and genuinely concerned for my well-being it brought me to tears.

Although getting to the point of actually asking was terribly difficult the relief and sense of gratitude was worth every difficulty. Just having dinner taken care of for the next three days helped immensely, I felt stress almost just float off me, knowing that we would have a warm meal that night.

Photo Credit: Pawel Rekas

The meals were brought from different neighbors who were willing to serve, and I hope to be able to serve others in the way they served me. When people say, “what would Jesus do?”, I really believe that Jesus would be out serving others. But having said that, it’s hard to serve others if those who need the service don’t speak up, or say no when it is offered. Charity is the pure love of Christ, and not only are the blessings of charity given to those who serve but also those who are served.

Photo Credit: Jenn Evelyn Ann

Lastly, may I encourage you to let people in and let people serve you when you need it most. Someday you’ll be able to repay the favor in some way to someone out there who will need your help. But for now, just be humble enough to let people help you, the relief you will feel will be worth all the pride you must sacrifice.

All my love,





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