Doughnut You Know, This Wedding Cake is the Best!

I’ve never been much of a cake fan, especially not a huge fan of frosting. When it came around to deciding what kind of cake I wanted to have for my wedding it was like choosing “eh” between “eh”. UNTIL I saw a doughnut cake on Pintrest and I knew my heart was sold. In this post you’ll find out my experience as well as the pros and cons I experienced with having a doughnut cake.

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Tuna Fish Gravy – My Cheap Comfort Food

I remember the first time I told my husband I was going to make tuna fish gravy for dinner. He gave me a strange look, probably much like your face when you first read the “Tuna Fish Gravy” bit of the title.I promise you, I think it is an AWESOME comfort dish. My husband even likes it, well he likes basically everything I make, but that’s besides the point! Plus it’s cheap, which was never a bad thing.

My cheap comfort food

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Spinach: Dried and Ready to Roll – How to Dry Spinach in an Oven

I don’t know about you, but I could definitely be better about eating more healthy greens.

One of the easiest ways I have found to get some extra greens in at most meals is to add dried spinach flakes into what I’m cooking. I’m not crazy enough to start adding it to vanilla cakes though, so you don’t need to worry about me telling you to put it in everything. Because that would be gross. *shudder*


However, some of my favorite dishes to add spinach in are;

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