The peace that comes as you accept help form others when you have anxiety, depression, health, or other life issues

I’m a very stubborn, I’ll-do-it-myself kind of person. So accepting and let alone ASKING for help is very difficult for me.

Now lets pile on some some depression, anxiety, and plenty of health problems on top of my already stubborn personality, and viola! Things just got so much harder.

After reading that I thought, well it seems like I’d have plenty of reasons TO BE asking for help. And that’s true. But getting to the point of admitting to myself that I needed to ask for help wasn’t easy.

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5 Tips – How to get out of bed when you have depression

Even though it may not seem like a big deal normally, getting out of bed when you have depression is a daunting and monuments task. When you actually make it out of bed AND shower, well, you feel you should get a huge standing ovation because it took real strength to get that far in your day. Take it from me, I know.

As you well know though, there are never literal standing ovations waiting for us after we conquer a task. However, I believe that there are metaphorical standing ovations we can enjoy while struggling with depression.

While I read through post after post, blog after blog, about recommendations to help get me up and doing at least something, none really seemed to stick out as being particularly rewarding. Now I know we aren’t little animals wishing for a treat after doing a trick, but we are human beings who need to feel a sense of worth and accomplishment, especially when dealing with depression.

Here are five things I’ve found that help me get out of bed, be productive, feel better about myself, or find rewarding when I’m dealing with depression.

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