A Letter to the Husband Whose Wife has Thyroid Disease

Dear beloved Husband,

I know things have been hard for you throughout our marriage, I know that you worry about me often with all of my health problems. Having thyroid disease is hard, but I realize that it’s hard for you to see me struggle and not being able to make things better.

But what you might not know is that you do make things better. Sure, you can’t take away my thyroid disease and all the problems that come with it, but you have been there to help me every step of the way, and that makes all the difference. You make all the difference.

Photo Credit: Jon Asato

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The peace that comes as you accept help form others when you have anxiety, depression, health, or other life issues

I’m a very stubborn, I’ll-do-it-myself kind of person. So accepting and let alone ASKING for help is very difficult for me.

Now lets pile on some some depression, anxiety, and plenty of health problems on top of my already stubborn personality, and viola! Things just got so much harder.

After reading that I thought, well it seems like I’d have plenty of reasons TO BE asking for help. And that’s true. But getting to the point of admitting to myself that I needed to ask for help wasn’t easy.

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Migraines – My Missing Link

All of y’all who have ever had a migraine or who have chronic migraines please raise your hand. *seemingly everyone raises a hand*

Well, like that favorite animated children’s movie goes, “you’ve got a friend in me,” because I’ve got migraines too.

Like many of you I’ve desperately tried the medication, the doctors visits, the neurologist visits, the MRI / CAT scans, the crazy prescribed diet to figure out triggers, staying a mile away from said “triggers”, chiropractic, acupuncture, essential oils, reflexology, sleep tracking, and the list could go on and on. With very little (and I mean microscopic) to no success, I just about reconciled that maybe I’d have to suffer ¬†with migraines through the rest of my life.

Migraine Missing Link

Until I came across a connection I had never seen, heard, or read about in my many, MANY hours of reading and searching. “What?” you might ask. Well read on my friend, read on.

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