Migraines – My Missing Link

All of y’all who have ever had a migraine or who have chronic migraines please raise your hand. *seemingly everyone raises a hand*

Well, like that favorite animated children’s movie goes, “you’ve got a friend in me,” because I’ve got migraines too.

Like many of you I’ve desperately tried the medication, the doctors visits, the neurologist visits, the MRI / CAT scans, the crazy prescribed diet to figure out triggers, staying a mile away from said “triggers”, chiropractic, acupuncture, essential oils, reflexology, sleep tracking, and the list could go on and on. With very little (and I mean microscopic) to no success, I just about reconciled that maybe I’d have to suffer ¬†with migraines through the rest of my life.

Migraine Missing Link

Until I came across a connection I had never seen, heard, or read about in my many, MANY hours of reading and searching. “What?” you might ask. Well read on my friend, read on.

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