A new connection that transcends through the eternities

Flashback! This story comes from when I was just finishing up high school and had a pretty cool run in with an ancestor that looked a lot like me! Or I her, since she came first… anyways! Read on!
For many years my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles all wondered who I most resembled out of my family. I had naturally curly hair like a maternal uncle, and a paternal aunt. My height and petite frame resembled my paternal grandmother, yet that’s about as close as I got to “looking like anyone” in particular. Of course I resembled my siblings, I wasn’t switched with another child at the hospital or anything, but for a long time I wondered who I most resembled. After 18 years of quandary, something happened, a little bit of a mini miracle, if you so choose to see the following experience as such. For me in a small way it was.

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